Bethlehem Booster
November 15, 1918

It's an ill wind that blows nobody good and the "darn old 'flu" is no respecter of persons, so when our soccer laddies journeyed to Newark, N. J., on Sunday, November the third, they found the ranks of the Scottish-Americans, their worthy opponents, sadly depleted and several substitutes included in the line-up. Maybe our boys should not have played so hard. It does not seem quite the square thing to take advantage of a sick man, but Captain Campbell had a new combination to try out, and if that game was a criterion of how the line-up is going to work, no ordinary lot of pigskin kickers are going to be able to defeat Bethlehem Steel. Paddy Butler was placed at inside right and shot a couple of goals.

Jack Lance, at left half-back, played a wonderful game and if the forwards had been at all tardy in placing the ball in the net, Jack would probably have dribbled the old leather all the way down the field, just to show the natives of Jersey how it could be done.

McEllroy scored the first goal three minutes later. Some of the spectators thought there would be goals kicked at regular three-minute intervals, but the boys let up the attack for a while, but at half time it was found that Butler had scored twice in the first period. With the score 4 to 0, the boys should have called it a day and stopped, but they were ambitious and in the second half scored six more times. Ten to nothing was the final. Sounds like a rugby football score. The line-up looked like this:

S.A. -- Positions. -- B. S.
Stout -- G. -- Duncan
Toman -- R.F.B. -- Fletcher
McManus -- L.F.B. -- Ferguson
Rathbone -- R.H.B. -- Kirkpatrick
Morrison -- C.H.B. -- Campbell
Cochrane -- L.H.B. -- Lance
Hogan -- O.R. -- McKelvey
Adamson -- I.R. -- Butler
Chadwick -- C.F. -- Ratican
Eadie -- I.L. -- Forrest
Allen -- O.L. -- Fleming
Linesman -- Morrison. Referee -- A. Birchall. Linesman -- Walsh. Goals -- McKelvey, 3; Butler, 2; Ratican, 3; Forrest, 2.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club