Gillespie (Ill.) Area News
April 2, 1924
Bethlehem Pa. to play here

Soccer fans will be given the biggest treat they have ever been offered when the strong Bethlehem, Pa. soccer team comes here to play the Gillespie team on Monday, April 7. The lads from the East are booked to play two games in St. Louis on Saturday and one on Sunday, and it is only because of these two games that it is possible for Gillespie to arrange a game with them. The Bethlehem team were picked by many to win the National soccer cup and even after they were defeated by Fall River on a muddy field many said that the conditions under which they played could not be accepted as a test of superiority.

Gillespie's team has attracted considerable attention by their fine playing and a hot battle will no doubt result from this match. It is expected that every soccer fan who can possibly get away will go out and see the game. A picked team of Springfield soccerites came down and were humbled by the Gillespie team to the tune of 7 goals to 3. The game was played was played in a field of mud but nevertheless afforded our team a good workout for Monday's game with Bethlehem.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club