Gillespie (Ill.) Area News

Monday's soccer game was well attended and was an interesting game although the Bethlehem team was far superior in teamwork and were in much better physical condition. The Gillespie team since their elimination from the National Cup contest have not been playing as many games as a good team should to keep up the team work and necessary endurance to last throughout the hour and half of grueling play. Soccer is a fine game and permits many individual stars to rise to great heights, but the foundation of a good teams is perfect teamwork and constant practice. Such a team was here Monday and they certainly were trained to a fine point in passing, dribbling and heading. Their shots at goal were somewhat erratic, but their clever team play enabled them to make so many shots that five of them resulted in goals. Gillespie however deserved great credit for holding them scoreless in the first half. - S.P. - {Semipronious Preston}

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club