The Globe -- Bethlehem
January 1, 1924
[...] In National Cup Tie Will Take Place at Philadelphia Before Jan. 26

The Bethlehem Steel soccer team, having eliminated the New York football club from the National Challenge trophy competition, will meet the Newark Football Club in the fifth round or Eastern semi-final at Philadelphia on Jan. 26, according to an announcement made by the U. S. F. A. Cup Committee yesterday. The grounds will most likely be the Philadelphia ball park.

In the other bracket of the Eastern division, Fall River will play the Abbott Worsted eleven of Pawtucket on Jan. 19. In the sites selected for the two semi-finals in the big cup competition it is significant to note that New York City, probably a better soccer district that Philadelphia with its cosmopolitan population, is bereft entirely of any of these classics. However, it is believed that the committees have in mind giving the metropolitan the Eastern final which, in all likelihood, will see Fall River and the Bethlehem Steel soccer teams as the principals.

Soccer players and guests will be dined by the team management as a tribute tot he brilliant performances of the local clan in eliminating the New York F. C. on Sunday afternoon. Arrangements are now under way for a banquet which, however, will not be held until next week with the date possibly Tuesday or Thursday. The affair would have been arranged for the latter part of this week, but because the teams leave on Friday morning for Pawtucket, R. I., and closes the weekend at Fall River on Sunday, it was deemed advisable to get the date for some time the week following.

The pairings for the fifth round of the western division were announced as follows:

Harmarville Consumers F. C. of Harmarville, Pa., vs. Vesper-Buick F. C. of St. Louis; Goodyear F. C. of Akron, Ohio, vs. MacKenzie F. C. of Akron, Ohio; Walkerville F. C. of Windsor, Canada, or Toledo Soccer Club of Toledo, Ohio, vs. All-Scots F. C. of Detroit, or Detroit Celtic F. C.; Canadian Club F. C. of Chicago, or Thistle F. C. of Chicago, vs. Bricklayers F. C. of Chicago.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club