The Globe -- Bethlehem
January 1, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Starting the New Year Right
Insofar as sports are concerned Bethlehem is staring the New Year right and the forecast of the year indicates pronounced activities in all branches of sport. Taking advantage of the first day of the New Year the sports' program in Bethlehem is ushered in with a dual soccer bill on the Steel Field. In the appetizer the Bethlehem Wanderers, a club comprising local and home developed talent, tacked the Hokendauqua eleven, while in the tilt following the Bethlehem Steel workers engaged Indiana Flooring in an American League squabble. Soccer will continue to occupy the center of the spotlight for outdoor sport in Bethlehem during the Winter months while basketball, wrestling and swimming will be the leading indoor attractions. Programs already arranged indicate there will be no dearth in entertainment for the sports lovers.

Fall River Invasion of Paramount Interest
IF any game should serve to popularize soccer more extensively it will be the Fall River-Bethlehem game to be played on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon. It is vouched that lovers of outdoor sport will not go amiss by a journey to the Steel Field on that date and also vouch that there will be plenty of thrilling activity to provide the entertainment. The game will not only command the attention throughout the entire circuit but will focus the eyes of soccer world throughout the country. Fall River, Bethlehem and Boston, are at the top fighting for the American Soccer League honors and critics already contend that it will be one of these three teams that will gallop to the wire first for the bunting. Bethlehem has been one of the few teams successful in stopping the dizzy pace of the national champions and much is at stake in the outcome of Saturday's tilt. It will be the second last meeting of the season between the two clubs, meaning of course that for the night cap Bethlehem will have to compete against the visitors on the latter's grounds and winning games at Fall River is by no means an easy task. In fact, it is truly believed that for Bethlehem to be in the running at the finish, it will be possible only by a victory in Saturday's game.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club