The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Saturday, January 1, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Setting Dizzy Pace in Scoring Goals
Official statistics of the American Soccer League show Davy Brown topping the list of individual scorers. He has set a dizzy pace and piled up a lead which practically assures him of the high scoring honors for the present season. Brown plays on the forwards line for the New York Giants, but in spite of his high total scoring the Gotham dribblers are not high in the standings as a club. The League high scorer, with a total of 37 goals to his credit, is a native American and learned and confined all his playing of soccer in this country. He frequently alternates in positions on the forward line and is one of the speediest players in the league. There are few others, if any, native Americans who have created or duplicated the sensational exploits of Brown on the soccer pitch.

Stark Out of the Running
Archie Stark, for two seasons high scorer in the American Soccer League, is out of the running for the honors this season. A change in position and his willingness to feed his coworkers on the front line is probably the reason why the Bethlehem forward is not high as a contender for the honors. Stark also has been idle more this season than probably any other year in his career, forced on the sidelines on more than one occasion because of injury. Stark has seventeen goals to his credit. He is tied with Tom Gillespie, a coworker, for the high scoring honors of the Bethlehem team. Combined, these two players have scored fewer goals than Brown.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club