The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, January 2, 1919
All-Stars of St. Louis, Yesterday Managed to Get 4-to-3 Score.
In one of the most sensational games ever played in St. Louis, the Bethlehem champion suffered their first defeat of the season when ten minutes before the final whistle with the score tied at three apiece, Kennedy the All Stars center forward put the local team in the lead by making a beautiful shot. The game was nip and tuck with St. Louis out in the lead the greater part of the time. Twice when the Westerners were leading, "Billy" Forrest banged the ball against the net to even the count but just as often as Bethlehem scored opportunity knocked at the door of the All-Stars and taking advantage of all openings managed to forge into the lead.

The game was the third and final of the series played by the champions of America against the pick of the St. Louis Soccer League and much of the victory of the latter was attributed to "Bob" Lancaster, the former Bethlehem player, who upon his return to St. Louis schooled the pick team in a style of play to battle the champions. The victory was the third of a three game series registered by the St. Louis players. In the opening game Bethlehem defeated the Innisfalls 3 to 0, while the second game, against the All-Stars resulted in a 1 to 1 draw.

Bethlehem got away to a good start in the game yesterday when Fleming after carrying the ball twenty yards made a nice shot from the left wing. A penalty, resulting several minutes later from a foul caused by Fullback Wilson gave the locals a chance to equalize the score. The foul was made on McHenry in the penalty zone and the locals drew a free kick. McHenry was selected to toe the ball, and shot it past Duncan for the marker that tied the count.

After 22 minutes of play Mulvey made an excellent pass to Kennedy, who headed the pigskin into the net. Although the All-Stars outplayed the champions during the remainder of the half, there was no more scoring and the period ended, 2 to 1, in favor of the St. Louisans.

The second half had progressed 25 minutes when Forrest a wonderful long shot into the net, again tying the count. However, four minutes later, Kennedy got his second goal that again put the locals in front. Within another minute Forrest again made a pretty shot, and the game was tied at 3 all. It remained tied for only a minute, however, when Mulvey, from the wing, shot a goal after a pass from McHenry that won the game.

The game was a hard-played one, with many fouls being called. Both teams roughed it considerably in their efforts to score a victory.

The Bethlehem team is due to return to Bethlehem today. However, an invitation has been extended to the Easterners to remain over next Sunday to play off the existing ties in the series.

Bethlehem -- Positions -- All-Stars
Duncan -- Goal -- McGarry
Ferguson -- L. F. B. -- Brady
Wilson -- R. F. B. -- Lancaster
Kirkpatrick -- L. H. B. -- Miller
Fletcher -- C. H. B. -- Zarschel
Pepper -- R. H. B. -- Murphy
Fleming -- O. L. -- Mulvey
Millar -- I. L. -- Kechtold
Ratican -- C. F. -- Kennedy
Forrest -- I. R. -- Corrigan
McKelvey -- O. R. -- McHenry
Goals -- Fleming, Forest 2; McHenry, Mulvey, Kennedy 2. Time of halves -- 45 minutes. Referee -- Phil Kavanaugh. Linesmen -- Gor, Bethlehem, Easton; for All-Stars, Basom.

Bethelehem Steel Soccer Club