The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, January 2, 1923
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Selecting Philadelphia For Semi-final
New York fans will no doubt wonder why the cup committee of the U. S. F. A. eliminated that city in selecting neutral grounds in Philadelphia and Pawtucket, R. I., for the staging of the semi-finals in the National soccer classic. Distributing equally these important titles to the big soccer centers was no doubt in mind when the places were selected. It would hardly be fair to give New York City all the important contests. Gotham soccer fans, however, should not in the least be perturbed because it's almost a safe bet that when the semi-final round has been disposed of the Polo Grounds, New York City, will be the scene of the Eastern final. That after all will be the cream round of the Eastern competition in which we predict that the principals will be Fall River and Bethlehem.

Philadelphians Welcome Tilt
The announcement that Philadelphia will see Bethlehem defend its position in the cup race with the Newark F. C. as the opponent has created quite a furor in the ranks of Quaker City soccer fans. It is also gleaned in the gossip that Philadelphians, now that their t am is entirely eliminated in the cup races, will root and support the Steel Workers. Ever since Bethlehem for one season sported the colors of Philadelphia, sentiment in that city has been strong for the local clan. A more popular team than the Bethlehem t here is none, and it is practically certain that no matter on what neutral grounds the game was played, Bethlehem would have more than an equal quota of fans pulling for them to capture the trophy. The selection of sites for the semi-final in this bracket also makes it convenient for local fans to witness the game.

Phillies Again Upset the Dope
When the Phillies upset the soccer dope by setting back the New York F. C> in the American League race by the score of 1 goal to none, the wise acres sat up and took notice and proclaimed that the accomplishment was nothing less than a miracle. Probably the Phillies were under estimated for again yesterday the Quakers showed their real merit when they disposed of the Brooklyn F. C. by the score of 4 goals to none. And let it be said for the losers t hat clan representing Greater New York were engaged as one of the most dangerous outfits in the American league. In fact, it was the same team that held Bethlehem to a draw on the Brooklyn field and fought bitterly before defeated on the Steel Field by a very slim margin. In an American Cup game Fall River defeated Saylesville, 2 goals to none and by the victory are now running neck to neck with Bethlehem in both the cup competitions.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club