The Globe -- Bethlehem
January 2, 1925
Locals Take American League Soccer Contest From New Yorkers 2 Goals to 0.

By F. S. Nonnemacher
Two beautiful goals coming in the first half was the redeeming feature of a game marred with poor finishing but it might be said pretty football played on the Bethlehem Steel field yesterday afternoon when Bethlehem Steel F. C. defeated Indiana Flooring in an American Soccer League contest by the score of 2 goals to none.

The question of supremacy of the two teams was never in doubt and this was even more pronounced when the Steel Workers played against the elements, a stiff breeze blowing down the field and seemed to monopolize even a greater portion of the game.

That the Bethlehem goal scoring average was not materially boosted can be attributed to the poor marksmanship of the forward, slipping up on many golden opportunities where counters seemed inevitable. In this Forrest, Stark, Rollo and Granger were equal offenders for this quartet more than once rained shots at the visitors' citadel only to have them go by, by close margins.

By victory Bethlehem annexed another two points and by so doing continue on the trail of Fall River, the National champions, who if the weather permits will be the opponents of the Steel Workers on the home field tomorrow afternoon.

Featuring the game and as prominent as the poor finishing was the pretty football displayed by the Bethlehem team. The defense was easily able to cope with the best display of the forwards and it was only occasionally that breakaways extended beyond the backs. This was particularly true in the second half during which Carson the Bethlehem goalie was hardly more than a spectator, handling only two or three times and then on shots that were not dangerous.

The off color finishing was the not only apparent in the Bethlehem forward line but Indiana likewise suffered a lapse of accuracy. This was especially true in the first half when favored with a strong wind and more than one opportunity in which the parting shots were weak and easily handled or went over the bar by a wide margin.

Having revealed the glaring defects in marksmanship there was, however, enough brilliant soccer to keep the big crowd well entertained. In the first half it was pretty goals, both coming from the heads of Roll and Stark, while in the second half it was the superb passing combination play and apparent thorough understanding of the forward line. Most of the playing was crowded in the vicinity of the Indiana goal and it was seldom that the visitors carried the play beyond midfield.

For eighteen minutes the two teams were deadlocked with a scoreless result when the Steel Workers notched their first tally, the score coming from the head of the diminutive Rollo. The attacks were ably led by the inside forward line and Stark, the former feeding his left wing in a most unselfish manner. Goldie, however, playing his first game, seemed to take victory as a matter of course and not necessary to take unnecessary chances breezed through in an apparently easy manner. His range is middling, too, seemed a little bit off color, a condition by no means to be expected by his long lay off.

The movement that was productive of a goal started in midfield when the ball was swung across to Forrest. The latter dribbled it down the right wing and then centered prettily and close to the goal mouth. Grange was in direct line with the ball but had a tough break when his header stuck the bar and rebounded. Rollo awake to the situation bobbed up to head the ball into the net, well out of the reach of Brown, the visitors' goalie, who featured with several brilliant saves.

The rapidity with which the next goal was scored gave visions of a complete rout for within two minutes Stark boosted his goal scoring average with a pretty average. The movement on the successful effort was started by Goldie on the left wing who somewhat caught the Indiana defense off guard when instead of centering he swung a long pass across the field to Forrest at the extreme right. The latter centered close to the goal mouth from where Stark made no mistake with his header.

Scrimmages were frequent throughout the entire second half in the vicinity of the Indiana goal but no further scoring resulted. In the closing minutes of play MacGregor, former Bethlehem player, now with Indiana, violated in tackling in the penalty area, fouling Rollo and the latter took the kick. His effort was true enough, too true to the mark, in fact for the ball went directly to the waiting Brown. Then in the last minute Stark messed up a pretty effort in which he cleverly eluded the backs and had no one to beat with Brown with a shot from close range. His deft touch in trying to place the ball in the corner of the net went amiss and it rolled by missing the goal mouth scarcely by inches. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- Indiana Flooring
Carson -- G -- Brown
Young -- RFB -- Levin
D. Ferguson -- LFB -- Gustafsen
McDonald -- RHB -- MacFarland
Carnihan -- CHB -- Terris
Robertson -- LHB -- Murray
Forrest -- OR -- Carlson
Granger -- IR -- Schylander
Stark -- CF -- Rew
Rollo -- IL -- McChesney
Goldie -- OL -- Cox
Goals -- Rollo, Stark. Referee, Jas. Walders, Philadelphia. Linesmen, Turner and Brown. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club