The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
January 2, 1928
Loses to Boston 5-2 On Saturday and Ties Fall River Sunday 2-2

Losing to Boston and drawing with Fall River was the outcome of the two games played ever the weekend by the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club, as a result of which the hopes of the Steelmen to annex the first half championship of the American Soccer League schedule are seriously jeopardized.

The Steelmen lost the golden opportunity to sew up the gonfalon in the first half of the league race when they visited Boston on Saturday afternoon, but much to the surprise of the rooting Bethlehem fans ,were forced to submit to a 5 to 2 defeat. Boston, as the chief contender for the league honors, profited greatly by that victory, knocking Bethlehem out of first place and ascending to that commanding position.

In Fall River on Sunday the Steelmen had a narrow escape from a similar fate and only by a belated rally were able to equalize with the Marksmen at two goals each and by virtue of which the team shared the two points. In the four meeting against Fall River, National champions, the Steelmen won three and drew one.

Coming from behind in the last seven minutes of play with the score 2 to 0 against them, Bethlehem Steel scored two goals before the final whistle and registered an even break before 6,000 fans.

The Steelworkers surprised the local fans by their garrison finish, for it appeared as if Fall River had the game sewed up by two clear goals. Markers by Gillespie and Archie Stark in the dying moments of the match, however, gave the champions one point on their New England tour.

The Marksmen opened the scoring just two minutes after the game started. Rollo fouled Jimmy McAuley and McPherson took the free kick. His center was perfect. Edwards was set to make a clearance, but George Graham leaped into the air and the ball caromed off his head into the opposite corner of the net. Fall River held this margin until the last minute of the first half when following some brilliant pass work in which J. McAuley, Graham and McEachran figure, the latter scored. In this period, Fall River had the better of the play being aided by the strong wind which swept the length of the field.

The Steelmen returned to New York today where they are booked for an exhibition game against the New York Nationals. Next Sunday the Steelmen play the final game in the first half season against the New York giants on the latter's field. The results of yesterday's games follow:

Fall River 2, Bethlehem 2.
Providence 3, Bethlehem 2.
N. Y. Nationals 2, J & P Coats 1.
Brooklyn Wanderers 2, New Bedford 1

The weekend schedule:


N. Y. Giants vs. New Bedford, at New York. (Replay).

Newark vs. Boston at Newark
Fall River at Providence at Tiverton.
N. Y. Giants vs. Bethlehem at New York.
Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club