The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, January 3, 1922
Gotham Stars First to Lower Local Professionals' Colors by 3 to 1 Goals.

New York F. C. proved too strong for the Philadelphia F. C. soccer team and handed them their first defeat, 3 goals to 1, in the American League series at the Philadelphia baseball grounds, yesterday.

The Phils were further weakened by the absence of fullback Ferguson, and, as Porter, center halfback, was unable to play because of an injured leg, and Brittan, center forward, was not in the lineup, the Phillies put up the poorest game of the season. They were unable to develop their famed passing system of play and the New Yorkers by reason of their success in scoring, played fast and well together and held the leaders safe. When opportunities to score occurred the Phils' forwards failed to profit by them.

The lineup:

New York F. C. -- Phila. F. C.
Geadert -- G -- Highfield
Page -- LFB -- Bethune
Kelly -- LFB -- Collier
T. Stark -- RHB -- Murray (Neilson)
Vandsrey'n -- CHB -- Fullerton
Herd -- LHB -- Lorimer
Dugan -- OR -- Forrest
A. Stark -- IR -- Morley
Meyerdiecks -- CF -- Neilson (Murray)
Hardy -- IL -- R. Campbell
Andrews -- OL -- Fleming
Score: New York 3, Philadelphia 1. Half-time score, New York 2, Philadelphia 0. Goals, Meyerdiecks, A. Stark, Andrews, Murray. Referee, Robert McMahon, Harrison. Linesmen, Hunzicker, Ward. 45 minute halves.

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