The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, January 3, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Bethlehem F. C. And Its Center Forwards
The weekly news letter sent out by the United States Football Association pays a glowing tribute to the center forwards selected by Bethlehem since establishing a big league soccer team in this city. Briefly the extract commenting on these players refers to them with the following:

"The thrilling feature of the Bethlehem and New York game was the brilliant work of center forward Walter Jackson of the Bethlehems, and this recalled to students of the game that Bethlehem has had amazing results in developing players for this great position, the real keystone of a soccer team. They startled the east when they brought out Harry Ratican, of St. Louis, who won the immediate recognition as one of the greatest goal getters who had ever romped across and American soccer field. Next came Harold Brittan, an English player, who played with Chelsea on the other side. His speed, accuracy and powerful booting made the fans forget Ratican. Next in order cam Daniel McNiven, a graduate of the Patrick Thistles, and now a star performer on the New York F. C. Playing last season for Bethlehem, he scored 28 goals in the American Soccer League competition, leading that league. Now that Walter Jackson, from Kilmarnock, playing his first year in this country has shown his mettle, he is making the fans forget all the others. One of his goals last Sunday was undoubtedly the greatest ever kicked in this country. He made the shot from well night thirty yards out. Goalkeeper Geudert was set for the kick, which reached him above his head. He threw up his hands, obviously thinking he could deflect it upward, so it would go above the bar, but so great was its speed, it simply beat his fingers backward and sailed over his head into the net. It was a marvelous shot."


Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club