The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, January 4, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Happiest Man in Town
Judging by the smile that wreathed the face of Sam Fletcher, the former Bethlehem Steel fullback, he was the happiest man in town after his Providence team for the second time this season captured the American League points from the Bethlehem clan and in both games played on the Steelmen's home field. It was a bitter pill to swallow for the home clan. Congratulations were in order and the many admirers of the former Bethlehem Steel player, who are now dyed-in-the-wool loyal Steel rooters, were not reluctant in singling out Sam to shake his hand. Providence did something no other soccer club has succeeded in doing. It won two games from Bethlehem on the home field in the same season and has two more league tilts to play with Bethlehem, both of which will be a meeting on home loam in Rhode Island. This victory, we believe we are safe in saying, was the most cherished of all already accomplished and will be the most tasty of those that are still to be the fortune of the Providence team. It is with certain pride to come back to your former domicile and present to the fans that once rooted for him a team that was able to stand off the Bethlehem machine. Sam's crowd did it and did it neatly. The players he selected to represent the Rhode Island hamlet gave a spirited and scrappy display. They fought every minute and were forced to fight hard to frustrate the Bethlehem attacks. Providence scored the goals and once the well established lead was tucked away they had enough to successfully protect it to the final whistle.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club