The Globe - South Bethlehem
January 5, 1915 - page 1
Will Play Holyoke on Home Gridiron on Saturday Afternoon, Jan. 9.

Bethlehems' management is making elaborate preparations for next Saturday's American Cup game with the Holyoke, Mass., team. Indications point to this game to be one of the best soccer attractions ever staged in the Bethlehems. The winner will be entitled to enter the semi-final of the American championship competition. Bethlehems is the only hope left of all Pennsylvania and oddly enough Holyoke is the only surviving club of New England in the competition. In New Jersey, West Hudson has entered the semi-final by defeating Tacony of Philadelphia 4 goals to 1, whiled Victor, Philadelphia, was eliminated last Sunday by the Scottish Americans of Newark, 3 goals to 1, Brooklyn Celtic and Jersey City will fight it out on the Jersey City grounds, Jan. 10.

Holyoke team and officials are expected to arrive in town on Friday. Bethlehems will undergo special training this week and will have its strongest line-up out on Saturday. Training in the Nativity gymnasium will commence this 8 p.m.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club