The Globe -- Bethlehem
January 5, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Not all Games Postponed
Although snow played havoc with the majority of the soccer league games schedule in the East over the weekend, there were some games played and some of these were in the American Soccer League circuit. However, to clear the snow on the Steel Field in time for the Saturday contest was nothing less than a physical impossibility for had it been otherwise Fall River would have been certain to have been here as scheduled. The Steel Workers lost an excellent opportunity to climb up in the league standing on the National champions for in addition to having the advantage of playing on the home field, if there is such an advantage in Bethlehem, the Steel Workers would also have met a team that had been on the road since New Year after having played a hard game against the New York Giants and scheduled for Sunday to meet the Newark F. C. As it is, Bethlehem may have to wait a good long time before a date is open for Fall River to come to Bethlehem and in all likelihood the Steel Workers will visit Fall River before that time.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club