The Globe -- Bethlehem
January 6, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Bethlehem favored to win the Pennant
In spite of the title of National champions and American Soccer League champions sported by the Fall River soccer club, Bethlehem Steel, in the eyes of the critics, is favored to cop the pennant in the race this season. Favored in spite of the fact that at the present writing the Steel Workers are gliding along in second place with Fall River leading by a margin of three points. Levi Wilcox, of the Philadelphia Inquirer and a red hot soccer critic and advocate favors Bethlehem to win the flag and pens the following as his reasons:
"The reason the Steelmen are picked to win the title is because of the fact that through inserting a player here and there with the view of strengthening the lineup, the management has succeeded in what is claimed of moulding together the greatest aggregation that has ever represented Bethlehem."
While many personally believe the same as penned by Wilcox, especially that the players sporting the colors of the Blue of the Steel Workers are the greatest aggregation that ever represented the local clan, some of the old timers are still firm in their opinion that the old crowd of players who had a habit of turning in a win every time they started and never completed a season without a couple of cups and other titles was the greatest aggregation ever. In one respect one might agree with this opinion. And that is that the old clan of players of which "Jock" Ferguson is the only local survivor for active service, seemed to be more thoroughly acclimated with the American spirit when waging their battles on a soccer pitch. For pretty football and a team with a perfect understanding Bethlehem is second to none in the country.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club