Bethlehem Globe
Thursday, January 7, 1915
Preparation for Big Soccer Game Almost Complete.

Bethlehems will be tested thoroughly on Saturday when it lines up against Holyoke. This team comes to Bethlehem with a proud record. It has defeated the best teams in the New England states. Bethlehems will continue training tonight at the Nativity gymnasium. Murray, Scaife, and Millar are rounding into shape and Bethlehems' chance of having its strongest team out looks good. East End field is being put into first class condition and the playing pitch has been cleaned and will be rolled tomorrow. For the comfort ofthe public, sawdust shavings and straw will be employed.

Arrangements are being made for a special car service. Holyoke is expected to arrive tomorrow and will be met by a committee of the Bethlehems' club. A Philadelphian may be the referee.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club