Bethlehem Globe
Friday, January 7, 1916
Bethlehem Steel vs. Boys' Club.

Secretary T. W. Cahill of the U. S. F. A. yesterday notified Bethlehem Steel that the third round National Cup game between Bethlehem Steel and Philadelphia Hibernians will have to be played in Bethlehem on Saturday, Jan. 15, 1916. The game must be played to a finish and will start at 2:30 p.m. Word has been received from the Boys' Club management that it is making big preparations for the staging of the American League game on Saturday between Bethlehem Steel company and the Boys Club. Duncan, Fletcher, Ferguson, Campbell, Murray, Morrison, Fleming, Brown, Butler, Pepper, Dean, Graham, McKelvey and Lynn, trainer, will leave for Philadelphia tomorrow.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club