The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, January 7, 1924
Steel Players Won From Coats On Saturday, 1 to 0, but Lost To Fall River

The Bethlehem Steel soccer team split even in its two game invasion into the New England states, winning the Saturday tilt from J & P Coats at Pawtucket, R. I., by the score of 1 goal to none and losing to Fall River on Sunday also by the score of 1 goal to none.

Bethlehem and Fall River were tied in the American League race for first place, Fall River even with Bethlehem in the number of total points compiled by virtue of having played one more game. However, with Bethlehem playing on Saturday and Fall River idle, the Steel Workers went into the Fall River game two points ahead of Fall River. Therefore by the defeat at the hands of Fall River the standing has been changed little, with both Bethlehem and their New England rivals again deadlocked for the honors.

Zero weather greeted the Bethlehemites for their game against Fall River but in spite of the frigid temperature five thousand fans turned out to witness the game. The Steel Workers suffered materially in the game against Pawtucket when Goldie, the brilliant and speedy wing man, and Jock Ferguson, the veteran fullback, were injured. Neither one of the two injured players was able to assume his position in the Sunday fracas, Ferris replacing Goldie sending McGregor to left half and Young replacing Ferguson.

Against Coats on Saturday the Steel Workers went to the post with a rearranged lineup. That is, several of the regulars gave way to the reserves in order to put the team at the best against Fall River. Bill Highfield, the goalie, was between the sticks in both games, while Jock Young was in the lineup in place of J. Ferguson and Robertson, a halfback, who joined the tam during the week, playing left halfback.

Coats surprised with the intensive aggressiveness with which they set the pace and more times than one the Bethlehemites were forced to mass their strength exclusively on the defensive. Bethlehem won the game in the last ten or fifteen seconds of play and turned what was looked upon to b e a scoreless draw into a 1 to 0 victory. The score was made after Goldie, Bethlehem outside left, made a pass into the goal mouth. Schofield, Coats' goaltender, knocked the ball down, but Turner, rushing in carried the ball into the goal, along with Schofield.

Coats made a strong protest that the goal was made after the expiration of time, but the referee ruled otherwise and allowed the goal to stand. The victory was a climax to one of the most brilliant games ever played in Rhode Island and replete with thrills from start to finish. Coats' rejuvenated eleven, which until the last two weeks has been showing anything but championship caliber, which won it the title last season, held its own with the Bethlehem attack, but was unable to get past the wonderful defense shown by the Steel Workers.

At Fall River the game was played on a rough, hard, frozen ground, and the New Englanders' victory was registered on a penalty kick in about thirty minutes after half time. The trick was accomplished by McPherson, the Fall River right halfback. Owing to both teams being tied for first position in the league and their being looked upon as Eastern finalists in the National Cup more than ordinary interest was taken in the game. The cold weather, however, contributed toward reducing the crowd which numbered approximately five thousand. The condition of the ground interfered with Bethlehem's passing game and as a result the contest developed into a hit or miss affair. The ball was lively and unreliable so that many good movements were spoiled when a pass found haven other than what was intended. Neither goalkeeper was severely tested, although both displayed rare ability when the emergency arose. Kerr saved cleverly at the ase of a post on a beautiful drive by Alec Jackson and highland cleverly thwarted Brittan's parting shot when it appeared hopeless to prevent his scoring. Urged on by its home supporters, Fall River played desperately and took chances of physical injury on such rough grounds. Fortunately, however, both teams finished with no serious casualties. The penalty was awarded against Carnihan for handling although the infringement was not noticeable to the onlookers and occurred after thirty minutes of the second half had elapsed.

The lineups:

Saturday's Game

Bethlehem -- J & P Coats
Highfield -- G -- Schofield
Young -- RFB -- Stevenson
J. Ferguson -- LFB -- Lappon
McGregor -- RHB -- Adam
Carnihan -- CHB -- McAvoy
Robertson -- LHB -- Drummond
Turner -- OR -- Fleming
Jackson -- IR -- Hibbert
W. Jackson -- CF -- Tittleford
Maxwell -- ILW -- McTerry
Goldie -- OLW -- Shepherd
Goal. Turner. Referee, McCabe of Philadelphia. Linesmen, Brooks and Wiley. Time: 45-minute halves.

Sunday's Game

Bethlehem -- Fall River
Highfield -- G -- Kerr
Young -- RFB -- Tate
D. Ferguson -- LFB -- Collier
Rattray -- RHB -- McPherson
Carnihan -- CHB -- Raeside
McGregor -- LHB -- Lorimer
Turner -- OR -- Campbell
A. Jackson -- IR -- Reid
W. Jackson -- CF -- Brittan
Maxwell -- IL -- Morley
Ferris -- OL -- McKenna
Goal, McPherson (penalty). Referee, McCabe. Time, 45-minute halves.


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