The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
January 7, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Starlight Park
Starlight Park, the home grounds of the New York Giants, will be crowded to the gates on Sunday afternoon, and that is no idle prophesy. The Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club never fails to pack them in, brining out more cash customers to witness their soccer games in the metropolis than any other team in the circuit. That the Steelmen are popular is readily understood by the distribution of partisan sentiment, expressed in the cheering and remarks heard in the stands. The ordinary soccer game in which two league points alone are concerned has a luring attraction for the Gotham soccer enthusiasts. And Sunday's game bears far more significance than any other visit to the home of the New York Giants this season. In fact, the game promises to be a classic, a contest that will be waged with all the grueling characteristics of a cup tie. And any fan who has had the pleasure of seeing cup ties is aware of what to expect. Bethlehem Steel will be waging battle with much covered laurels at stake. A battle in which the championship of the first half of the American Soccer League is involved and since Bethlehem Steel leads all other clubs in the country in the number of titles captured, one more added to the list will be a cherished acquisition. If the Steelmen win the game they remain in the play-off series, providing, of course, that New Bedford and Boston are successful in their weekend campaigns.

A Lucky Break
While the Giants are not among the contending clubs, fortune favored the Gotham booters in swelling the coffers of the soccer treasury. Imagine a club to play on successive days, weather favorable if the forecast runs true to form, and meet as opponents two teams which with another are deadlocked for the first half championship. The shekels certainly will roll across the pay window tomorrow and the Giants will be the team to profit. The usual guarantee to the visiting clubs will probably be but a mere mite of what the fans contribute. New Bedford today, and this battle promises to be a hummer. It's a replay game of a contest that was waged quite bitterly and in which personalities were thrown with reckless abandon by players of both teams. The sidelights of this battle alone should prove a luring incentive to bring the Giant rooters out en masse. And if the Giants are successful in knocking New Bedford for a loop, Bethlehem, popular and always the recipient of a cordial invitation, is apt to find the atmosphere prevailing among the fans rather chilly. No team in the league could crave more prestige than to bowl over two league leaders for the league honors on successive days.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club