The Globe -- Bethlehem
January 8, 1919
Soccer Notes

The National League game at Bethlehem Steel between Merchant Ship Team A and Bethlehem Steel is creating great interest among the fans and the greatest crowd of the season is expected to witness the contest. The snow is being removed from the field and unless there is another heavy fall the game will go on as scheduled. All over the East the Merchants is regarded as the one team that is likely to stop the winning streak of the Champions and their form in recent games tends to strengthen this belief. Bethlehem is training hard for the game and although several substitutions will be necessary through injuries received in the St. Louis games, they feel confident that they will be able to defeat the Shipbuilders for the second time this season. The Merchants have started special training for this game and Manager Head states that the new men in his lineup will make his team strong enough to attain their ambition, that of defeating Bethlehem on their own ground.


"Jimmy" Easton will probably be seen in the center forward position against the Merchants. This will be "Jimmy's" first appearance since the last visit of the Shipbuilders when he was severely injured in the first minute of the game.

Maxwell, McCabe and Hemmingsly, the three inside men in the Merchant lineup have quite a reputation for cleverness down Bristol way and they will take a lot of watching on Saturday. Hemmingsly was the American Internationalist who played such a brilliant game at Sweden two years ago when the American team visited that country.

Pearce, the Philadelphia National shortstop will be seen in goal for the Merchant team. The last visit of the shipbuilders here the versatile shipbuilders gave a wonderful display between the uprights.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club