The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, January 8, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Turned Down Fortune in Selecting Site
To spurn a guarantee of $10,000 by selecting Philadelphia as the place for the semi-final in the National Cup competition between Bethlehem Steel soccer team and the Newark F. C., is the noble act attributed to Messrs. Brown and Cahill, of the National Cup Committee, revealed by Levi Wilcox, a Philadelphia soccer critic in revealing negotiations said to have taken place. A New England syndicate, it is said wanted to stage the match Down East, and for the privilege tried to persuade the cup committee to favor that district with the match. Ten thousand dollars is a big pile of money for a soccer contest, considering that the price of admission will be boosted little for the semi-final -- less than one dollar -- and if the venture of the promoters was a speculative project a crowd of no less than fifteen thousand would have been necessary to assure the syndicate an even break. When it is considered that Fall River has attracted possibly the biggest attendance in the East, a figure which as yet has not reached the fifteen thousand mark even against its most intense rivals, the promoters apparently have great faith in the drawing ability of the Steel Workers.

Hardly Possible If Desired
Even with such a guarantee as $10,000 to consider, it is doubtful if the committee of the National Cup would have transferred the Bethlehem semi-final to the New England states without invoking the most severe criticism. It is known that Down East they have teams that are advanced to the semi-final round in that bracket and certainly one semi-final in the New England states is all that could be expected. In fact the members of the cup committee were duty bound to select either New York City or Philadelphia for the semi-final in this bracket of the Eastern district and in selecting the Phillies ball park as a neutral field chose what we believe the most central location for the convenience of the fans to witness the game and a city in which a classic might go a long way to revive old time interest. With such two strong machines as Bethlehem and Newark there should be a record breaking attendance in Philadelphia to witness the game . With weather conditions anywhere near favorable an exodus of several hundred from this city will no doubt be among the spectators cheering for the Steel Workers.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club