The Globe -- Bethlehem
January 8, 1925
Latter Team in American Soccer League Has Goal Scoring Average of .710

According to the statistics included with the schedule of American Soccer League games for this weekend, Fall River, national champions, not only lead the clubs in the league standing but are topmost in the goal scoring average with .710. Bethlehem Steel, the main contender for the honors, and the club most likely to oust the champions for the American League honors, is a close second, battling for an average of .687.

The Steel Workers go to the post in a lone game over the weekend, meeting New Bedford, on the Steel Field, on Saturday afternoon. Fall River makes another invasion to this district for one game, meeting Fleisher Yarn at Philadelphia on Saturday and then return home for Indiana Flooring on Sunday.

A. Stark, the Bethlehem center forward, continues high for the individual scoring honors with a total of 36 goals. Other high scorers are A. Stevens, Boston, 22; H. Brittan, Fall River, 22; J. Best, 18; R. Drummond, 18; J. Purvis, 15; J. Nelson, 14; T. Abdullah, 12; W. Hogg, 12; A. Stradan, 11; H. Carlson, 10; R. Perry, 10.

The league games scheduled for the weekend and the officials are as follows:

Saturday Games.

At Bethlehem -- Bethlehem Steel vs. New Bedford; referee, Oates.
At Pawtucket -- J & P Coats vs. Indiana Flooring; referee, Morris.
At Boston -- Boston F. C. vs. Philadelphia F. C.; referee, Rose.
At Philadelphia -- Fleisher Yarn vs. Fall River; referee, Courage.

Sunday Games.

At Newark -- Newark F. C. vs. New Bedford; referee, T. Cunningham.
At Tiverton -- Fall River vs. Indiana Flooring; referee, Norse.
At Providence -- Providence F. C. vs. Philadelphia F. C.; referee, Quinn.
At New York -- N. Y. Giants vs. Boston F. C.; referee, Lawrie.
At Brooklyn -- Brooklyn F. C. vs. J & P Coats; referee, McCabe.
Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club