The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, January 9, 1922
Penalty Kick Feature in 3 to 1 Victory in Contest Saturday at Philadelphia.

Larry Campbell, the Phillies' fleet inside, broke through the J & P Coats defense Saturday on two occasions in the second half and booted the goals which gave the Philadelphia F. C. eleven a 3 to 1 victory over the Pawtucket team in an American League battle staged at the Phillies' Ball Park, Philadelphia.

As a result of this conquest, the Phils strengthened their grasp on the lead in the big league soccer race.

During the first 45 minutes of the scrimmage the Rhode Islanders held the Phils to a one-goal draw, the slippery footing preventing either team from getting its offensive working to perfection. Both of the first -half rallies were the result of penalty boots. Early in the game one of the blue-jerseyed players was deterred tripping and Bob Millar's eleven was given a free kick at the net.

Lappen made a perfect boot, the sphere soaring past goalkeeper Highfield who made a flying dive at the ball, but missed it by inches. Near the end of the half, the Phillies evened the count by duplicating the previous goal.

Tripping gave Whitey Fleming a free chance in front of the net and he made good by driving the ball squarely between the uprights, over the head of Knowles.

The Phils started with a rush after the interval and at the end of two minutes play Morrison made a pass to the center of the field and Campbell, who was six yards in front of the net, drove the ball under the bar.

The Down Easters prevented a further score until near the final whistle, when Campbell got the ball about 10 yards in front of the net. Knowles caught the pigskin, but only made a feeble return, Campbell rushing in and heading the ball past the goalkeeper. Lineup:

Phillies -- J & P Coats
Highfield -- G -- Knowles
Wilson -- RFB -- Lappen
Ferguson -- LFB - -W. Gallagher
Murray -- RHB -- J. Gallagher
Nelson -- CHB -- Sanderman
Lorimer -- LHB -- Brooks
Morrison -- OR -- Kershaw
Forrest -- IR -- Weall
Worley -- CF -- Millar
Campbell -- IL -- Carney
Fleming -- OL -- Sheppard
Referee -- George Young. Umpire, Aschaulter. Linesman -- Burns. Time of halves --45 minutes. Goals -- Lappen, Fleming, Campbell 2.

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