The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, January 9, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

More Entries Necessitate a Fifth Round
Out in the West where soccer entries are far more numerous in the cup competitions than in the East, it will be necessary to play a fifth round before the winners enter the semi-final in the National Cup competition. With four rounds played in the East and with four survivors -- Bethlehem F. C., Fall River, Newark F. C., and Abbott Worsted -- the next round will be the semi-final. In the West the entries outnumber those in the East to such an extent that a fifth round had to be interpolated, which is now in process of decision. The eight survivors are Walkersville, of Walkersville, Ont., playing in the Michigan jurisdiction; the MacKenszies and Goodyears, in Akron, Ohio; the Thistles and Bricklayers in Chicago; the Detroit Celtics, in Detroit; the Vesper Buicks in St. Louis, and the Harmarvilles in Harmarville, Pa. Of the eight survivors it now looks as though it might be the Vespers Buick who will be the Western finalists. The team displayed unusual merit when victorious over the Scullins, eliminating the latter who last season came East to play Paterson F. C. as Western representatives.

Chance for Fall River to Assume Lead
With the American Soccer League games scheduled for this weekend the opportunity is presented to Fall River, Mass., to break the deadlock existing with the Bethlehem Steel soccer team for first place in the league race. This is made possible by virtue of the New England invaders playing one more game than Bethlehem and in each of these meetings oppose teams t hat have not attained the splendid record of a number of other clubs. On Saturday afternoon Fall River clashes with the Philadelphia F. C. and on Sunday will be the attraction at the Polo Grounds, New York City, against the National Giants.

Steel Workers Meet a Tartar in Brooklyn Club
On the other hand the Bethlehem Steel soccer team will have to be at its best, or very near so, to dispose of the league opponent drawn to come to the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon. The opponent is none other than the Brooklyn F. C., a club that is proving the mystery of the league. Brooklyn, with a record of having held Bethlehem and Fall River to a draw and when defeated by these clubs, lost only a most brilliant and hard fought battle, has dropped games to other clubs supposedly much inferior to either one of the two league leaders. All of which indicates that the Greater New Yorkers play their best when pitted against the top notch aggregations. It will be the third meeting between Bethlehem and Brooklyn,. The first at Brooklyn, N. Y., at the opening of the season resulted in a draw. The second was played on the home lot, and although Bethlehem won, soccer critics pronounced the clash and still do so, as one of the best seen on the Steel Field this season. For Bethlehem to win and Fall River to split even will mean that the teams will continue deadlocked for first place. Fall River must drop both contest and Bethlehem win for the home squad to assume a two point lead in the league race.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club