The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, January 9, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Razzing the Goalie
Harry Carpenter, Lehigh soccer coach, has a kick against the treatment accorded visiting soccer players, picking out the game with Providence here last Saturday as a sterling illustration. Harry's complaint is against the gathering of youngsters behind the visiting goalie and peppering him with missiles during the game. "It's the work of the kids," said Harry, "youngsters who the Bethlehem Steel management is good enough to allow to witness the games free of charge, and they should be reminded that with this liberal privileged they should respect it." Harry is right if the youngsters did what he alleges. There was quite a gathering behind the visiting goalie, but as to what took place we are not aware. The Providence goalie gave one of the most brilliant displays as a guardian witnessed on the field this season. And there have been some fine displays, but none equal to the goal tending witnessed last Saturday. If the goalie did his stuff under stress of being annoyed with "pebbles," his performance was even more phenomenal. Harry suggest that the youngsters be warned that they are jeopardizing their privilege. This fact should be driven home by the parents of the boy.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club