The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
January 9, 1928
N. Y. Giants Arrive at Wire Ahead in Sunday Contest in Gotham

The New York Giants, accomplishing the sensational feat of defeating two league leading American Soccer League Clubs on successive days, lived up to its reputation as wrecker of potential champions, for both New Bedford and Bethlehem Steel tasted the sting of a determined aggressiveness which brought victory tot he Gotham booters.

An eleventh hour rally on Saturday afternoon mowed down New Bedford and a similar comeback in the closing minutes of the game on Sunday afternoon blasted the championship hopes of the Steelmen. Bethlehem lost by the score of 5 to 3 and to the diminutive Davy Brown, native product of American soil, who was substituted in the second half, went the credit of chalking up two of the markers that determined victory. Another native product was O'Brien, a youngster who learned his soccer in Newark, and who notched the final goal of the day. All of Bethlehem's three goals were accounted for by Goldie.

Steelmen Off Game

The New York Giants won the game and deserved to win because of Bethlehem's glaring defects. The defense lacked miserably when danger threatened and the offense lost more than one opportunity to amass a comfortable lead with inaccurate shooting. This was particularly true in the opening minutes of each of the halves when the Bethlehem forwards fairly peppered the goal and it was not so much the brilliancy of McClure, the Gotham goalie, but the inaccurate aim of the forwards that passed up these opportunities.

As play goes the Steelmen were, literally speaking, all over their opponents but lacked what the Giants were expert in and that was locating the net. In analyzing the game it is almost impossible to conceive how Bethlehem, with the preponderance of the game could emerge on the short end of the score. Corner kicks were forced with startling rapidity, seven in the first twenty minutes of play in the second half and a total of a dozen in the entire game, and not one of which proved productive.

On the other hand the Giants with but three corner kicks to their credit, non of which was conceded in the second half, counted on one of these efforts. Free kicks close to the penalty area also played havoc with the Steelmen. These successes indicate the glaring weakness of the Bethlehem defense in goal, for one counter was notched on a corner and another one as the direct result of a free kick. Perhaps if the Bethlehem defense had resorted more freely to driving hard in clearing instead of tip tap soccer in the vicinity of the visitors' net the result might have been different.

As it is the Steelmen are now nursing the sing of defeat by virtue of which there may be another play-off involving the local club and New Bedford to decide which of the two clubs will be the runner-up to appear in the play-off for the league championship at the end of the season and which will be between the winning and runner-up team of each half season.

The Giants right wing was the thorn in the side of the Steelmen with Schwarz contributing the most damage. This former Hakoah player paired off with Hauesler, also a former star with the touring Jewish club, were constantly dangerous and the wing forward in particular was allowed unusual latitude. His centering was a revelation and seldom did he fail to place the ball to the very goal mouth. He didn't score any of the goals but he did provide the opportunity for the majority of the counters notched by the Giants.

The game was played on a water soaked pitch, one end of which was a quagmire, ankle deep in mud. The Giants defended this goal in the first half when after four minutes of play the Steelmen took the lead when Goldie unaided took Gillespie's pass and crashed the ball into the net. It looked as through the Bethlehem wing was offside and McClure made no effort to save on the shot.

After eight minutes of play the Giants equalized when Hauesler scored on a pass from Schwarz following a short scrimmage in front of the net. From then on and for the next fifteen minutes was when Bethlehem passed up its opportunities to pile up a comfortable lead. Every man on the Bethlehem forward line had one or more chances to score and quite a few with no one but the goalie to beat but the finishing was miserably weak.

Encouraged by the Steelmen's ill successes in locating the net, the Giants unleashed a rally in the closing minutes of the half. Brown knocked down a drive from Hauesler and McMeekin, in clearing, came within an [. . .] of handing the Giants a marker when the ball struck underneath the upright but fortunately came out, veered to the right, and then rolled over the goal line for a corner. Schwarz took the kick and Gruenwald scored, giving the home club the lead. The half ended shortly afterwards.

The restart was even more thrilling than the first half and it seemed inevitable that Bethlehem must score but the Giants defended successfully. For twenty minutes the ball did not pass the center line with play confined exclusively in Giants' territory but the latter's defense was equal to the occasion. In this period of time seven corners were forced, not any of which the Steelmen profited by.

Goldie missed an excellent opportunity when he seemingly hesitated with an open shot and before he could get his boot to the ball Hogg bobbed up from nowhere and cleared. However, it was but an instant later when Gillespie slipped a pass to Goldie, again unmarked, and this time made good with his drive. The goal came twenty-two minutes after the teams hand changed ends.

But the deadlock was only momentary for an instant later the Giants broke away and were allowed a free kick on a foul against Reid. The ball was placed to the goal mouth when Brown, who went to center forward while Hogg, a forward, replacing Herd at back, scored from a position when he seemed boxed between Carnihan and McMeekin.

The closing minutes witnessed the Giants unleashing another terrific rally which resulted in two goals within a period of five minutes. Schwarz, the Gotham right wing, broke away and centered perfectly to Brown who got his boot to it for the best goal of the game. Shortly afterward it was Brown who centered and enabled O'Brien to register the last marker. And with that went Bethlehem's chances to win the game for the final whistle was sounded shortly afterwards. The lineup:

N. Y. Giants -- Bethlehem
McClure -- G -- Brown
Gold -- RFB -- MacDonald
Moorhouse -- LFB -- McMeekin
Cameron -- RHB -- W. Reid
Terris -- CHB -- Carnihan
Herd -- LHB -- MacGregor
Schwarz -- OR -- Gillespie
Hauesler -- IR -- Jaap
Hogg -- CF -- Stark
Gruenwald -- IL -- Granger
O'Brien -- OL -- Goldie
Goals: Brown 2, Hauesler, Gruenwald, O'Brien, Goldie 3. Substitutions: Brown for Herd, Rollo for Jaap. Referee: Tom Cunningham. Linesmen: J. Coutts and J. Hayes. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club