The Globe -- Bethlehem
January 10, 1919
Soccer Notes
Bethlehem Steel soccer team finished training last night for the National League game with Merchants' Shipbuilding Corp. F. C. at Bethlehem Steel field tomorrow and a strong team will be presented against the visitors, although several changes will probably be necessary through injuries. Manager Reed of the Merchant team states that he will put his strongest team on the field tomorrow and he is confident that he will spring a surprise on the champions. The snow has been cleared from both ends of the field and the game will go on as scheduled. The probable line-up of both teams is as follows:

Merchant A -- Pearce, goal; Todd, right fullback; Morrison left fullback; Small, right halfback; Russell, center halfback; Wilson, left halfback; Burnett, outside right; Maxwell, inside back; McCabe, center forward; Heminsley, inside left; Duggan, outside left.

Bethlehem Steel -- Duncan, goal; Wilson, right fullback; Ferguson, left fullback; Pepper, right halfback; Fletcher, center halfback; Kirkpatrick, left halfback; McKelvey, outside right; Forrest, inside right; Easton, center forward; Millar, inside left; Fleming outside left.

George Young of Philadelphia will referee. The game will start promptly at 2:30, and there will be extra car service from Third and New streets.

Tomorrow's game at Bethlehem Steel field will probably bee the keenest contest seen here this season and will be bitterly fought from start to finish.

McCabe, the Merchants' center forward, who is the latest sensation in soccer circles, will make his first appearance in Bethlehem tomorrow and will take a lot of watching by the Bethlehem defense.

The Bristol line-up will have several changes from the team that was defeated here on Nov. 23, in the National cup, and the results of recent games would seem to indicate that they have strengthened the team.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club