The Globe - South Bethlehem
January 11, 1915 - page 8
Eliminates Farr Alpacas of Holyoke in Challenge Cup Match 6-1.

Bethlehems by eliminating the Farr Alpaca team of Holyoke, Mass., in a third round contest, six goals to one, worked its way into the semi-finals of the classic American challenge cup soccer championship.

The visitors' lone tally was made at the start of the second period, when Hardman drove an easy one which broke through Bethlehems' defense and caught Scaife napping into the goal. Bethlehems played a rushing game and these whirlwind tactics completely unbalanced the New Englanders.

Practically seven-eighths of the playing was in the visitor's territory and evidence of this is the fact that forty-six times Bethlehems had chances to score while Farr Alpaca had only seven. It took Bethlehems about fifteen minutes to take the visitors' measure, but Fleming getting a chance from a difficult angle sent a low, hard-driven, twisting shot which completely beat McManus. A moment later Hardmann, who played by far the best game for the New Englanders was detected handling the ball in the penalty area and Fleming converted the misplay into a point with one of his famous leg drives. Graham completed the scoring just before half time.

On the restart, the visitors caught Bethlehems' full-backs and goalkeeper napping, but after Hardman's easy goal, the tam tightened up. In this half Millar played a most remarkable and clever game. Once he outwitted four Farr Alpaca men, and carried the ball to the mouth of the goal.

Holyoke - Bethlehems
McManus - G -- Scaife
Burnett - R.F.B. -- Murray
Campbell - L.H.B. -- Lance
Farrell - R.H.B. -- Campbell
McKestrie - C.H.B. -- Clarke
T. Moddies L.H.B. -- Morrison
Hall - O.R. -- Ford
Arnold - I.R. -- Pepper
Hardmann - C.F. -- Miller
Watson - I.L. -- Graham
Dowdall - O.L. - Fleming
Goals, Graham 3, Fleming 2 (one from penalty), Millar 1, Hardman. Referee, George Allen, Philadelphia. Linesmen, J. Moddies, Holyoke, Mass., and J. Michelson, Bethlehems. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club