Bethlehem Globe
Tuesday, January 11, 1916

The Steel company came out of Saturday's game in fairly good condition. Only two players, Brown and Butler received slight injuries. The team began special training today in preparation for next Saturday's game on East End field, which will be the third round National Cup game between the local champion and Philadelphia Hibernian. Arrangements have been made to have the game started promptly at 3:00 p.m. and the referee for this game will be appointed Wednesday by the Games committee of the United States Football association.

Work in the field will be started tomorrow and every possible effort will be made to have it in good playing condition. Several loads of sawdust will be put around the playing field for the comfort of the spectators.

Jersey City defeated General Electric, Schenectady, in their replay, second round, American Cup game, last Sunday and they are now drawn to play the winner of the Bethlehem vs. Clan MacDonald or Yonkers game in the third round at Jersey City.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club