The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, January 11, 1924
All Injured Steel Players In Fit Condition For Game Saturday With Brooklyn

Despite the sudden change in the weather the American League game scheduled for tomorrow at the Steel Field will go on unless a heavy snow storm follows the rain too closely to be cleared. Rain will not stop any league or cup game that is scheduled here. The fans should bear this in mind during the next few weeks, the usual period that the weatherman selects for sudden changes.

All the players who were on the injured list after the two strenuous games at Pawtucket and Fall River are now fit and ready for the fray and a strong lineup will take the field against the Brooklynites. Bethlehem must win to keep abreast in the pennant race with Fall River. The latter team will visit Philadelphia for a league game and they will also play a league game on Sunday at the Polo Grounds with the National Giants.

New York has only lost and drawn the same number of games as Bethlehem and they are liable to prove to be the dark horse in the race.

The following is the probable lineup of both teams for tomorrow.

Brooklyn -- Bethlehem
Surgener -- G -- Highfield
Robertson -- RFB -- D. Ferguson
Hunt -- LFB -- J. Ferguson
Calderwood -- RHB -- MacGregor
Moore -- CHB -- Carnihan
Nichol -- LHB -- Terris
Barr -- OR -- A. Jackson
Cosgrove -- IR -- Rattray
Docherty -- CF -- W. Jackson
Curtis -- IL -- Maxwell
McKay -- OL -- Goldie

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club