The Globe-Times Bethlehem
January 12, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Holding Their Own in League Race
Bethlehem Steel F. C., annexed two points in the American Soccer League race but as a matter of fact so has Fall and the gap in points remains the same. The Steel Workers now face a most severe test in their aspirations to cop the league bunting, a schedule probably far harder than Fall River has yet to play. It practically means that the Steel Workers will have to win all their games, including at least one of the two remaining meetings with Fall River. If not mistaken Fall River has cleaned up its schedule of four games with the Wonder Team, of Boston, and the strong J & P Coats of Pawtucket. Both these teams were expected to help hold the National champions in check. It is conceded that the strongest contenders in the league are the New England clubs with the two mentioned foremost in the ranks. With these eliminated from further competition against Fall River, Bethlehem has yet to meet each in a pair of games and in addition have two with Fall River. Summarizing the possibilities, its going to be a tough road for the championship aspirants to travel.

Wanderers Performing in Phenomenal Style
The trip of St. Louis to meet two of the crack teams in that district was apparently the correct diagnosis in spurring the Brooklyn Wanderers to their greatest efforts. Since the return from that trip, a journey in which two victories were annexed, the Greater New Yorkers have been traveling at a pace sensational. Eleven consecutive games without a defeat we believe is the sensational record of the Brooklynites, including a well merited victory over Coats on Sunday afternoon. It may be that the New Yorkers will toss their lot with the Steel Workers in throwing on full pressure in hopes of checking the victorious stride of Fall River. Fall River profited early in the season while the other contenders made their mistakes. That is, won games when Bethlehem and several others were losing them to the supposedly weaker clubs and as a result have piled up a fairly comfortable lead in view of the opposition yet to be met.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club