The Globe - Bethlehem
January 12, 1925
New Bedford Was Taken in Tow ON Saturday by a 2 to 0 Score

By Fred Nonnemacher
Bethlehem Steel F. C. added another victory to the list in the American Soccer League race but to accomplish the task had to extend itself and throw into high to gain a two-goal to none margin over the New Bedford F. C. The game was played on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon before a rather small crowd, but the fans who did venture forth were treated to one of the neatest and fastest games witnessed here this season.

The two goal margin was the result of the alertness of Johnny Rollo, the Bethlehem inside left, and "Bob" MacGregor, the Steel Workers' right half back, both of whom dashed in and completed shots that were well placed but rebounded and were located in the net before they could be cleared.

Pretty display by Forwards

It was a pleasure to witness the work of the front liners, especially those of Bethlehem, who continually were a source of concern to the visitors' defense. Bethlehem's play was well distributed and as a matter of fact so was that of the visitors, with the result that there was much open work witnessed. Frequently Bethlehem breakaways started with Stark who crossed to Goldie and the latter back to Rollo or the Bethlehem center froward and just as often did the Steel Workers wing their attack to the right wing on which Maxwell and Forrest performed capably. Or sometimes was the ball swung from one extreme side to the other and then centered, presenting a variation in attack that was hard to fathom.

Bethlehem Scores Early

Visions of a complete rout were sensed when the opening minute of play Bethlehem notched its first goal. In fact the movement that was productive stared with the kickoff when Bethlehem carried the ball to the vicinity of the visitors' goal where Stark headed for the net. The ball was blocked but before it could be cleared the alert Rollo had his boot to it and counted with a shot completely out of the reach of Taylor.

This early success had no tendency to discourage the visitors, but rather they seemed to fight harder and with the ball shifting frequently from one end of the field to the other. An excellent opportunity to equalize went astray when, after a breakaway beyond midfield, the ball was centered to Westwater within range of six yards of the goal, but the latter's shot went wide of the mark. An instant later Carson took a knee in the face accidentally when he made a head long dive to clear when it seemed that Westwater must score.

Bethlehem, too, had its chances once when a pretty passing movement participated in by practically the entire forward line ended when Stark fed Rollo and Taylor frustrated the latter's effort with a clever save. Again, before time ended when Rollo contributed a bit of individual work and Taylor saved when he tried to flick the ball into the net.

In the determined efforts to stop Bethlehem Referee Oates several times awarded free kicks to Bethlehem for aggressive shoulder charging and no less than three of these violations were committed just outside the penalty area.

After the teams turned around the advantage of the Steel Workers was more pronounced with tough breaks attending quite a few parting shots before the second and final goal was registered. However, while pronounced in superiority the gam at no time was that one-sided as to deflect interest and the game was fast and clever up to the final whistle.

Stark's efforts to increase his goal scoring record were apparently halted, for although he placed several fine shits, he was unable to locate. Early in the half he took a cross from Forrest and headed over the bar and once after that when Taylor managed to freeze on to another header labeled for a goal. Forrest too had hard luck when one of his drives labeled for a goal struck the post with Taylor far out of reach.

However, the break for the better had to come and it did after twenty-five minutes of play. Stark started a movement down the field when he sped the ball to Goldie, the latter carrying it close and then centered. The ball came to Rollo, who did not hesitate in heading. It seemed that the ball struck the rigging under the bar and then dropped to the ground. However, to make sure, "Bob" MacGregor was awake to the situation and made no mistake when he touched it past Taylor before the latter could recover to clear. Both teams played hard in the minutes that followed, but the end found Bethlehem the victor by the score of 2 to 0. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel - New Bedford F. C.
Carson - G -- Taylor
Young - RFB -- Wilson
J. Ferguson - LFB -- Izatt
MacGregor - RHB -- Welsh
Carnihan - CHB -- Montgomery
Robertson - LHB -- Cochrane
Forrest - OR -- Adair
Maxwell - IR -- McGuire
Stark - CF -- Westwater
Rollo - IL -- Cameron
Goldie - OL - Marshall
Goals, Rollo, MacGregor. Referee, Danny Oates, Philadelphia. Linesmen, McDonald, Bethlehem; McIntosh, New Bedford. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club