The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Wednesday, January 12, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The Colossal “Boner” in Soccer
Levi Wilcox, soccer expert of the Philadelphia Inquirer, is not sparing in his criticism involving the sale of Willie Reid, star halfback of the Philadelphia club to the Bethlehem Steel soccer team. Wilcox intimates that the Phillies might as well bag their franchise and refer to the deal as a colossal “boner” on the part of the Phillies. He writes:

“Reid is one of the most polished halfbacks in the American League. Last Saturday against New York while sporting the colors of the Phils for the last time this season, he conclusively demonstrated that he is almost in a class by himself. The transfer of Reid to Bethlehem is one of the most glaring “boners” the Phils management has been a party to this season. Reid was such a valuable asset to the Phils and gave the rest of the players such encouragement through his keen fighting spirit that it is likely the team in the coming matches will be shot to pieces. When it was announced to one of the Phils players last night, that Reid had been sold to Bethlehem, the same player openly stated that Fred Maginnis, manager of the club, may just as well dispose of the franchise, bag and baggage as attempt to finish the season without Reid in the lineup. The former Phil right halfback had become such a favorite with the fans that his name was legion among the followers of the locals. HE was also one of the cleanest players in the American League, while he was one of the hardest workers in the game. This was not all, however, as Reid never attempted to dictate to the manager how the players should line up. Even when McLaughlin, the former captain of the team, left for Canada, and Manger Maginnis was in a bad fix for a center halfback when Boston played, Reid was the player who volunteered to fill the berth for that particular game.”

Recent Happenings in the Soccer Market
Envious of the stride of the Bethlehem team in the soccer league campaign and fearful of what to expect in the cup competition, rivals of the steel makers have spared neither time or expense in bolstering their clubs, with the chief aim in strengthening against the Bethlehem team. One of the most important of the recent transactions was Fall River’s obtaining from J & P Coats, Perry and Drummond, in exchange for their star inside forward Croft. They also acquired Happy Abdullah from Providence; Hutchinson from Springfield, and Kelly from Ulster. Sunday, Fall River used Perry at right fullback and Abdullah at inside left and both players gave a good account of themselves, while Croft did the same for Coats. Philadelphia also signed up Johnny Forrest, last year’s Brooklyn center half and obtained Burness, Brooklyn’s inside forward, while Brooklyn contracted with Matt Shortt, center half, and have taken on Dave McMillan, their former left fullback.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club