The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Wednesday, January 12, 1927
Race in League Growing Keen as Clubs Get Busy Signing Stars

The weekend promises to witness a torrid soccer battle on Lehigh Field, formerly the Bethlehem Steel athletic field, when the New York Giants come to Bethlehem to test the merits of the national champions in an American Soccer League tilt.

One of the most aggressive teams in the league and a team which resorts much to the kick and rush style of play, the Bethlehem clan realize that they have their work cut out for this game, but will be spurred along in their efforts by the recent activities of signing players resorted to by many of the clubs in the league.

It is no longer a secret that the league clubs are envious of the pace set by the Bethlehem clan and in hopes of upsetting this consistent drive to the league pennant have signed new talent to bolster their clubs.

Half of Season Gone

Bethlehem has a well established advantage as the leading club in the circuit. However, with the season but half ended and many of the games to be played away from home, there is still a chance for the contenders to over take the Bethlehem team.

With this purpose in mind local soccer patrons can expect to see a hard played game and a Bethlehem team fighting at its hardest to annex the two points. The Giants are a formidable aggregation, a team that has raised havoc with league leaders in the past and a club that can always be relied upon to fight hard from the starting to the final whistle.

The makeup of the Giants is self assuring that Bethlehem will be pitted against strong opposition. Including in the personnel of the club are several former Hakoahites who have added materially to the strength of the club. The team is well balanced, having a good and fast forward line and a stalwart defense. Outstanding among the coterie of Gotham stars is the diminutive Davy Brown, ranked as one of the leading forwards in the circuit. He is regarded as a terror by all rival clubs and that he has a way of eluding the defense and getting through for goals is readily apparent by his goal scoring record for the season. Brown is topping the list of goal scorers with a total of 39. When in the vicinity of goal he seldom makes a mistake.

Carnihan is Brown’s Jonah

Probably one of the most effective defense men against the goal scoring activities of Brown is Bill Carnihan, captain of the Bethlehem team. His goal scoring with Carnihan in the lineup has been less than against any other club. Carnihan seems to have his style and pace diagnosed to perfection and will probably be on his mettle to check the speedy Brown if the latter should be assigned to the center forward position, a berth in which he has played most this season.

With favorable weather for the balance of the week the field will be in excellent condition. What vestige of ice remaining after the game last Saturday was cleared and the pitch is now fast and hard. The kickoff will be at 2:30 o’clock.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club