The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
January 12, 1928
Cup Game With Centennial F. C. on Saturday -- Stark May Not Play

The Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club will start the cup campaign for the season 1928 on Saturday afternoon when the Steelmen, last year's champions of the American Soccer League, invade Philadelphia to meet the Centennial F. C., of that city. The game will be played on the field at I and Tioga Streets.

The Centennial F. C. is one of the few clubs to survive the preliminary rounds in which the big professional teams are eliminated and take on the Steelmen as their first American Soccer League club to face in the cup classic. The Centennials came through the season thus far with a very imposing record, having escaped defeat to date. Furthermore, the Centennials displayed their worth as a cup contender last Saturday when in an exhibition game the New York Nationals were held to a three goal draw.

Since the recognized weakest clubs in the league race have proven the hardest for the Steelmen to defeat, the latter are taking the game on Saturday quite seriously and can be expected to field the strongest lineup possible.

That some changes in the lineup over that of last Saturday will be seen is practically decided. It is doubtful if Archie Stark will start in the cup contest and its is good wisdom on the part of the management to lay him off for some time so that he can regain his normal physical condition. The Bethlehem forward has been playing recent games under the stress of an injured leg and was unable to do justice to his characteristic brilliant playing.

Fifteen players carried the burden of the campaigning for the Steelmen in the first half of the season and the number of games played by each discloses how hard pressed the club was at times through the absence of some of the regulars. This was more specifically felt in goal with Dave Edwards as the star custodian. The sensation of last year's Bethlehem Steel team was seriously handicapped by injury in the twenty-nine games played by his team Edwards appeared in only eight of them. Several early season games he missed because of his late arrival to America after spending the summer abroad. "Billy" Allan, another regular appeared in the complete list caped by injury and in fact is not yet thoroughly recovered. Allan was of service to his team in only five games. Quite frequently some of the best players were missing when their services were most in demand. Not any of the regulars appeared in the complete list of twenty-nine games, the nearest approach was Carnihan, MacGregor, W. Reid and Stark, each credited with twenty-five games.

The players who shouldered the burden and the number of games played by each follows: Edwards 8, Allan 5, McMeekin 22, McDonald 21, Carnihan 25, MacGregor 25, W. Reid 25, Jaap 24, Granger 11, Stark 25, McConnell 9, Rollo 9, Gillespie 21, Goldie 2, H. Reid 5.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club