Bethlehem Globe
Thursday, January 13, 1916
Bethlehem Steel Company Soccer.

Work on East End field was begun this morning in preparation for Saturday's important contest and if this weather continues there is every prospect of the game being played.

Bethlehem Steel's team with the exception of Brown and MacDonald are in good condition and concluded a three hours training this afternoon. Thomas Miller, the crack West Hudson fullback and Derbyshire brothers Fentonsville will play for Hibernian against Bethlehem on Saturday.

Other third round games of the United States Cup competition whcih will be played on Saturday and Sunday next are: West Hudson vs. Babcock and Wilcox; Continental vs. Brooklyn Celtic; Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland; Fall River, Mass. vs. Hibernian of Lynn, Mass.; General Electric vs. New Bedford; Crompton, R. I. vs. Bridgeport City; Hyde Park Blue of Chicago vs. Pullman of Chicago; Packard of Detroit vs. St. George of Detroit.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club