The Globe -- Bethlehem
January 14, 1919
Soccer Notes

Bethlehem Steel play the Federal Shipbuilding team of Harrison on Sunday, Jan. 26th, in the third round of the American Cup at Clarkes Field, Newark, N. J. The Shipbuilders have a strong team and they recently defeated the Merchant B team in the second round.

Jimmy Easton played a good game at Center forward for Bethlehem on Saturday against the Merchants. The way he kept the ball swinging to the wings showed that he has a good conception of the center forward game.

Wilson and Ferguson showed good understanding in the full back position and covered one another in first class style.

Bethlehem now leads the National League, being the only team that has not been defeated. The Steel Workers goal line has not been crossed to date, in the National League.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club