The Globe -- South Bethlehem
January 15, 1917
Steel Workers Give Great Exhibition of Soccer, Downing the American Leaguers

Phila., Jan. 15 -- Despite the flurry of snow and later rain, the Bethlehem American league game was played at the Phillies park, Saturday, and, after one of the best exhibitions of football given by Bethlehem in this city in a long time, the steel workers won by the score of 6-1.

The picked team was weakened considerably owing to Small and Fisher being unable to play. Davis and Coursey were substituted, but the former was relieved at half-time by McEwen.

The first score came at the end of about twenty minutes of play after the exchanges had been fairly even, McKelvie receiving the ball and netting. Although the defense of McLaughlin was good, Fleming gave him lots of work and the light-haired outside left flashed one into the net before Pearce had any chance to reach the ball, the custodian apparently thinking that McLaughlin would clear. This easily was the finest goal made during the game.

Fleming again was prominent a few minutes later, when he crossed the ball to McKelvie, Pearce again being beaten. At this time the American leaguers had a fine opportunity to score, but the effort of Barrett was very poor, the ball passing over the line past the left upright. Shortly before the close of the first half Fleming again finished the ball across and into the corner of the net.

The teams crossed over without leaving the field, and the second half had only been in progress about two minutes when Pepper got through. The substitution of McEwen was felt at this time, the defense being greatly strengthened by his addition, and it was partly from his clearing that the Philadelphians were enabled to score their solitary tally, which came after Duncan had conceded a corner, likely shooting low into the net.

However, a moment later the International, while being pressed on the defensive, so far forgot himself to handle the ball in the penalty area, Fleming converting. There was at this time a feeling among the players which had been coming owing to frequent mix-ups and Ferguson received the attention of the Bethlehem trainers, as did Fleming but the latter was unable to resume play, having to be carried to the dressing room.

Bethlehem -- American L.
Duncan -- G -- Pearce (Disston)
Fletcher -- R. F. B. -- McLaughlin (Rangers)
Ferguson -- L. F. B. -- Davis (McEwen, Disston)
Murray -- R. H. B. -- Fullerton (Disston)
Campbell -- C. H. B. -- Hyslop (Disston)
Kirkpatrick -- L. H. B. -- Blakey (Putnam)
McKelvie -- O. R. -- Andrews (Disston)
Pepper -- I. R. -- Coursey (Disston)
Ratican -- C. F. -- Lynch (Disston)
Chadwick -- I. L -- Barrett (Disston)
Fleming -- O. L. -- McCartney (Hibernian)
Referee -- G. Young. Linesmen -- Grossner and Forrest. Time of halves -- 45 minutes. Goals -- Fleming 3, McKelvie 2, Pepper, Blakey.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club