The Globe -- Bethlehem
January 15, 1925
First Rounds Will be Played on Jan. 24 and 25, According to Decision Reached

At a meeting of the executives of the American Soccer League held in New York on Wednesday and attended by a representative of the Bethlehem Steel team, rules were adopted to govern the cup competition play which opens with the first round to be played on January 24 and 25.

The rules are identical to those that prevail in the National Cup competition with the exception that there is a change in the division of the receipts. Otherwise there will be no difference with the losing teams eliminated from competition with the defeat.

While no definite information was ascertained from the league executives it is said that the circuit was in receipt of a communication from the National Association requesting that the executives confirm or deny the report that they are to operate a cup competition. This attitude is assumed more or less as threatening but should have no bearing whatever on going through with the plans. The reply of the executives to the National Association should make interesting reading.

With the teams entered for the cup competition but four rounds will be required to establish the winner. Meaning that the two teams appearing in the final will have to play but four games. It was decided to raise the price of admission for all cup games to 75 cents and as in the past eliminate season tickets for admission. The admission for the final will be $1. The increase in the price of admission for these important contests is quite modest and is certain to be accepted by the fans with approval.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club