The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
January 16, 1928
Centennial F. C. of Philadelphia Upset by a Margin of 3-1 on Saturday Afternoon

The Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club has graduated to the second round in the National cup competition. The Steelmen, displaying winning form at Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon, administered a knockout to the Centennial F. C. defeating the ambitious Quakers by the score of 3 to 1. More than three thousand spectators turned out at the grounds at I and Tioga Streets.

Although the Steelmen were never in any serious danger, the Centennials put across quite a few sensational rallies and for a club in the minor ranks furnished the Steelmen with interesting competition. However, the excellence of the Steelmen presenting a more finished and baffling style of play had the Centennials on the defensive most of the time with Bethlehem predominating in aggressiveness.

Bethlehem lined up against Centennial with several changes in the lineup. "Whitey" McDonald, who has been doing duty at right back, was back in his old position at right halfback. Hugh Reid paired off with McMeekin at fullback. Archie Stark, Bethlehem forward, was given the promised rest and as a result Gillespie went to center with Granger taking Jaap's place at inside right and the diminutive Johnny going back to his old position on the wing. Rollo paired off with Goldie on the left.

Toward the end of the half Centennial staged a splendid rally, and a pass to Dunn produced the most spectacular goal of the game. Dunn got the ball twenty-five yards from goal in the center of the field and lefting it slightly recovered it the by a pretty liner lodged the ball in goal. Jaap scored the final point in the second half.

The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Centennial A. A.
Edwards -- G -- Green
McMeekin -- RFB -- Sample H. Reid -- LFB -- Gaw
McDonald -- RHB -- Gardner
McGregor -- CHB -- Chasney
W. Reid -- LHB -- Brash
Jaap -- OR -- Arlow
Granger -- IR -- Dunn
Gillespie -- CCF -- Barret
Rollo -- IL -- Lindsay
Goldie -- OL -- Knaggs
Goals -- Rollo, Gillespie, Jaap, Dunn, Referee: Bob Scott. Linesmen: Gunn and Smart. Time of halves: 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club