The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, January 17, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Point to Bethlehem As An Example
Praising soccer players for their sportsmanlike conduct on the field of conflict and the gentlemanly manner in which they wage battle regardless of the rivalry existing, the powers that be refer as an illustration of good sportsmanship to the replay of the fourth round National Cup competition in which Bethlehem Steel eliminated the New York F. C. several weeks ago on the latter's ground at New York Oval. Reports reaching the office of the secretary of the United States Football Association indicate that the game of soccer football was never so cleanly played in this country as it is at the present time. There are occasional disputes, it is true, and even rare instances of rowdyism, but the National officers have treated offenses of this sort with the utmost severity and they are on the decrease. The players are beginning to realize that the officials will not tolerate roughness and are conducting themselves accordingly. Commenting on the sport and the conduct of the players and the spectators, the following is an extract of an article appearing in a leading metropolitan paper:

"A splendid result has been the noticeable improvement in the class of people who are attending the game. This works both ways -- clean play attracts a better class of spectators and proper conduct in the stands affects the playing on the field. An example of the improvement in conditions was the fourth round replay between the Bethlehem Steel F. C. and the New York F. C. at New York Oval. Important and close as the contest was there was perfect deportment on the part of both players and spectators."

Took Defeat Gracefully
In such an important event as the National Cup competition it is pretty hard to swallow the sting of a defeat and it's a good sportsman that can grasp the hand of his conqueror immediately after the battle and congratulate him on his victory. Such was a very impressive routine in the dressing rooms of the Steel Workers in New York after defeating the New York F. C. in the National Cup competition. On the field of battle the tactics of the opposing forces were without reproach and in spite of the fact that the battle was bitterly fought it is recalled that there was not one instance where the referee was called upon to warn any of the players. It is therefore a worthy illustration when the soccer scribes refer to that game as an example of good sportsmanship. Immediately after the contest and before the defeated players had been fully dressed for the street each and every one of the conquered team invaded the dressing room of the Steel Workers and made the rounds congratulating the individuals players of the Bethlehem aggregation on their success.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club