The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
January 17, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Discourteous Conduct
Just because Johnny Granger, Bethlehem Steel forward, suggested to Referee Scott to "keep his eyes open" he was given the air in the National Cup tie game between the Steelmen and Centennial F. C. in the Quaker City on Saturday afternoon. Perhaps Granger had good reason to make the suggestion and Scott incensed by the reflection on his efficiency, gave vent to his feelings by ordering Granger out of the game. Granger was charged with "discourteous conduct to the referee." If that was all that Granger said, it's fortunate that Scott has not been assigned as an official in the American Soccer League otherwise there would be few players eligible to complete the season. Furthermore, Granger was perhaps justified in advising the official to keep closer tabs on the game.

Need Veteran for Cup Ties
The threatened loss of Granger for some of the cup games is certain to inflict severe inroads on the team. The veteran is a typical cup player and perhaps of the present personnel of the team, has appeared in more cup ties for Bethlehem than any other player on the squad. Just how long his suspension will be upheld is a matter of grave concern at this time, particularly sop with several of the regulars still lacking normal physical condition due to injuries. The alleged discourteous conduct can hardly be regarded as anything else but a minor infraction. However, sometimes the powers that be look at such matters in a different light and slap on the heaviest penalty possible. Mr. Viebert, of the New York Nationals, it is believed, is a member of the cup committee and as such will be one of the executives to pass on Granger's suspension. Incidentally Mr. Viberg's team is scheduled for the home and home affair in the American League Cup tie against the Steelmen to be played over the coming weekend. Without Granger, some more drastic changes on the forward lines are threatened.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club