The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, January 18, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Weather Ideal for Soccer Tilt
Probably never before in the history of soccer in this country have weather conditions been as favorable for the sport as such experience thus far this season and if no drastic change takes place before tomorrow afternoon when the Steel Workers oppose the National Giants of New York fans are assured of witnessing one of the fastest games of the season. It is significant to note that to date not one soccer tilt has been postponed on account of weather conditions while in seasons past it has not been unusual to have three or four games set back to a later date at this time of the year because of weather conditions. The American league schedule is up to date and in both cup competitions the National and American classics, the competition is well advanced to the final rounds. In regards to league tilts the teams are well started on their second round and if no unforeseen conditions arise all competitions should be concluded early in spring.

Determined to Regain Winning Stride
With league and cup honors within their grasp the Bethlehem Steel soccerites are determined to ride through the season victorious and hope to again establish a stride of winning such as was experience up until two weeks ago when the second setback of the season was handed by Fall River. Up to that time the Steel Workers annexed a string of victories that brought them recognition as the foremost team in the East. Against the National Giants the Steel Workers will not oppose a championship contender but nevertheless a team that in previous battles several times upset the dope by conquering when odds seemed strongest against them. Steel Workers realized that with the opportunities better this year than the last several season one unexpected setback is apt to throw them out of the running and the players are therefore practicing with a greater determination than any time before.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club