Bethlehem Globe
Wednesday, January 19, 1916

Some very surprising results were shown in the third round natonal cup games, which were played last Saturday and Sunday. The local team gained highest honors, by defeating Hibernian 6-0. The Continental F. C. of New York defeated Brooklyn Celtic, 1-0, while the All Star Babcock and Wilcox team, with whom Bob Miller, the old Bethlehems' player was playing with, were eliminated from the national cup competition this year by the West Hudson team of New Jersey, who defeated them, 2-1. Cleveland defeated Braddock of Pittsburgh, 2-1, while the Massachusetts and New England teams were unable to play on account of bad weather.

On the replay first round American cup game on Saturday, the Clan McDonald defeated Yonkers, 3-1. This was the fourt time these teams met to decide this game, the winners have to come to Bethlehem, to play the local team in the second round. Secretary Trent, who witnessed this game on Sunday, between Clan McDonalds and Yonkers, completed arrangements after the game with Clan McDonald managemenet to have them play Bethlehem on the East End field on Saturday, January 29, 1916. The local team came out of Saturday's game in fairly good condition and is continuing special training for next Saturday's game which is expected to be a much harder proposition than last Saturday. They will play Hibernian in Philadelphia, a league game and in the game against Bethlehem, next Saturday, Hibernian will use Bob Miller, and several otehr New York stars in an effort to stop the Bethlehem Steel's winning streak. Special training by the local team will be continued all of this week.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club