The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, January 19, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

New England Semi-final Today
Fall River or Abbot Worsted. One of these two teams will be entitled to represent the New England states in the eastern final of the National Cup competition at the close of hostilities today. The two teams meet at Pawtucket, R. I., in the semi-final of the Down East bracket. The Forge Villagers, as the Abbot Worsted eleven is known have always been in the thick of the fight for the trophy and twice have been within hailing distance. However, to be victorious today would occasion the biggest upset of the season in soccer. Abbot Worsted may be good but Fall River is the favorite by a long shot. Bethlehem's opportunity to enter the final will be presented next Saturday afternoon when the Steel Workers journey to Philadelphia to meet the Newark F. C. in the semi-final round cup play. In Newark the local eleven will meet a team that has been going strong and one that is believed can offer far greater opposition than the cup rivals of Fall River. However, it is pretty safe bet that Bethlehem and Fall River will be the teams to lock horns in the final.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club