The Globe -- Bethlehem
January 19, 1925
Running Wild Bethlehem Eleven Piles up 8 to 1 score on Fleisher Yarn

Bethlehem Steel players proved better "mud horses" than Fleisher Yarn and rather easily won their American Soccer League contest from the Philadelphia aggregation on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon by the score of 8 goals to 1. In annexing the points, Archie Stark, premier center forward in the loop, had a big day, scoring five of the team's eight goals, and with these added to his previous total, boosted his goal scoring average to 48 for the season.

While the elements were anything but ideal for good and faster soccer, it was remarkable the manner in which the local players adapted themselves to the field conditions and from time to time there were flashes of brilliant soccer. The players had no snow to contend with, but played on a pitch slipper and muddy, with little rivulets here and there adding to the treacherous footing. Spills were frequent and a good bit of comedy was injected into the fracas when players went sliding headlong over the miry turf.

The game was marred by one regrettable feature, and that occurred late in the second half when Stark was injured and as a precaution against aggravating his hurt, he retired from the game with ten more minutes to go. Unable to check his stride, due to the slippery condition of the field, Stark collided "head-on" with Kucklick, the visitors' goalie, and was injured about the chest. He continued in the game until he scored his fifth goal, and this the credit of a beautiful individual effort, and then immediately retired. An examination of his injury disclosed a possible bruise to the rib cartilages. No serious results are anticipated.

The invaders opposed the Steel Workers with three local players included in their lineup. The trio comprised a part of the forward line and included Joe Morrisson [Morrison?], "Jim" McCurley and Roehl. Although they occasionally figured in a threatening breakaway this attitude was readily checked before advancing too deep into Bethlehem territory. Tom McQuade, a very good back, also of Bethlehem, was supposed to start with the visitors, but was barred at the last minute due to some technicality regarding his playing status.

Score Quick and Often

If spectators enjoy a thrill when the ball locates in the net there were plenty of such emotions on Saturday and again as many with the barrage of close shots that either went sailing harmlessly by or were cleared. On the kickoff the Steel Workers broke away and in clearing Referee Oates might have called a close one for handing in the penalty area but wisely passed it up. In an instant the Bethlehem forwards again took the ball down the field and Stark inking the pass from Granger had plenty of time in placing his shot.

Hardly had the spectators settled themselves before the Steel Workers again counted. This movement was started when McDonald shoved the ball forward to Forrest and the Bethlehem right wing had little trouble in eluding the back in carrying it in. Instead of shooting he crossed to Rollo and the latter, with a deft touch, placed the ball at the boot of Stark whose shot again completely beat Kucklick.

The Steel Workers seemed to take advantaged of the demoralizing effect of these two early successes to the visitors' defense, and themselves inspired with goal scoring aspirations made it three in very short order. Robertson, on the halfback line, joined in the movement of the forwards and centered perfectly to Granger who, unhurried in his shot beat Kucklick, the only player in his path for scoring.

Forrest, a terror to the visitors' left half and left back, figured in the scoring of the fourth goal which came within the first ten minutes. Down the wing he dribbled eluding and tricking both Stradan and Shield and then started to carry the ball in. From his position he might have shot but crossed perfectly to center where Stark met the ball with his head. Kucklick partly intercepted the ball with his hands but it trickled through and landed in the net.

The fifth Bethlehem goal came after twenty-two minutes of play and was productive on a corner kick. Kucklick, in saving from Robertson, shoved the ball by. Goldie took the kick and the diminutive Rollo bounded into the air and headed it deep into the net.

Three More in Final Half

When play was resumed the Steel Workers seemed to relax their efforts until after Fleisher scored and then again added pressure. McGhee, a file little Fleisher forward, got away and carried the ball in and shot for the corner of the net. Carson was able to push it out with Roehl directly in line and close to the goal mouth. The Bethlehem player feinted in shooting and then slipped over a neat pass to Stradan who had practically an open goal to head it in.

Two goals, both individual efforts of Stark followed before the Bethlehem center forward retired. The first was scored from an almost impossible angle and with just enough swerve on the ball to land it in the far corner of the net. Stark seemed toying with Rodgers close to the touchline when he swung around and shot from an angle practically diagonal with the goal. The ball went past Kucklick and landed in the far corner of the net. His final goal was the result of an effort starting at midfield in which he eluded and beat out the backs and from close range kicked the goal. The final counter of the game gave Forrest a chance to break into the scoring column when he made good on a cross from Goldie. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- Fleisher Yarn
Carson -- G -- Kucklick
Young -- RFB -- Rodgers
J. Ferguson -- LFB -- Shield
McDonald RHB -- Coleman
Carnihan -- CHB -- Wyte
Robertson -- LHB -- Stradan
Forrest -- OR -- Morrisson
Granger -- IR -- Purvis
Stark -- CF -- McCurley
Rollo -- IL -- Roehl
Goldie -- OL -- McGhee
Goals: Stark 5, Granger, Rollo, Forrest, Stradon. Referee, Oates, Philadelphia. Linesmen, Duffy, Fleisher; Highfield, Bethlehem. Time of halves, 45 minutes

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club