The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, January 19, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Stark in Dire Straits
"My kingdom for a pair of pants." That was the plaint of Archie Stark, center forward of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team in the gym of the Newark F. C. following the cup game last Sunday. Archie was hard put out for a pair of trousers when finally a groundskeeper displacing about 225 pounds of avoirdupois, condescended to let him have a pair of his until his lost or stolen trousers could be located. It all happened when some good friend of Johnny Granger, residing in Newark, invited Johnny home to have a bite to eat. The invitation was that urgent and the opportunity of a good hot plunge so luring that Granger waited for no second invite, but scooping up every bit of clothing within his reach jammed it in his bag and departed with his friend. Stark was all dressed -- hat, shoes, coat, shirt, necktie -- but no trousers t hat did not claim an owner anywhere to be found in the club house. The situation was getting quite untenable and several of his teammates suggested an expedition to find a lonesome barrel when t he groundskeeper came to the rescue. "Surely the pants didn't walk away by themselves," said Archie and really they did not, for when Granger scooped up his civvies he included Stark's pants with them. Johnny made the discovery long after when in assorting his clothing at the home of his friend he discovered the stray pair. Restitution was made, much to the delight of Stark, several hours later. "If balloon style trousers ever come into style, count me out," said Stark, after he had discarded the groundskeeper's togs for his own.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club