The Globe -- Bethlehem
January 19, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Plaintive Wail of Soccer Fans
"Won't the Bethlehem Steel Soccer team ever share in the fortune of having one of the National cup tie contests played on home loam?" is the plaintive wail of the Steelmen's boosters. It does seem as if fate or something else has singled out Bethlehem as a victim when the draw is made. Last season was devoid of National cup tie contests on home loam, and this season offers no home. The first round for Bethlehem in this National classic was played in Philadelphia last weekend. The next round will be played on the home lot of the Brooklyn Wanderers. In pairing the teams and drawing for locations it does seem strange that the Steelmen are continually on the short end.

A Seeded Draw
There are many soccer followers who cannot be convinced that the luck of the draw could be so consistently against Bethlehem and intimate very strongly that the pairing is seeded. And, in looking over the schedule of the past several seasons it would seem that these fans were justified in that belief. IN four seasons of soccer Bethlehem had the luck of playing but one National cup game on home soil. That was on Christmas Day, 1923, when the Steelmen and the New York Giants played a two-goal draw and the following day Bethlehem went to New York and defeated the Giants 4 to 3. In the season of 1924-25 the American Soccer League was at odds with the U. S. F. A. and did not compete in the cup tie. In the season of 1925-26 Bethlehem played all five games away from home and incidentally won the championship. In 1926-26 all games were played away from home and drawn this seasons for the first two rounds away, there is no chance whatever of a cup game in Bethlehem regardless of the outcome of the next round.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club