The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, January 21, 1924
In American League Game Here Saturday New York Nationals Drop 3 to 1 Game.

by Fred Nonnemacher
The National Giants of New York coming to Bethlehem with a much strengthened lineup gave the Steel Workers a good, stiff battle in an American League game on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon. Bethlehem won out by the score of 3 goals to 1.

Billy Forrest, a former Bethlehem players, who in previous games was assigned to center forward position appeared in a new role against the Steel Workers when he played goal for the visitors. Although unaccustomed to the position, Forrest acquitted himself in a fine style and frequently drew the plaudits of the spectators with his brilliant saving. Fred Pepper, another former Bethlehem player, expected to start with the Giants, was not pressed into service.

The visitors loomed up threatening when in the very opening minutes of play they scored first blood and retained the lead for twenty-five minutes or more. It became readily apparent in those early minutes of play that the Steel Workers probably underestimated the strength of the Giants and it took them some time before they became heated to the battle. Frequent miscues in passing and poor combination work characterized the play of the Steel Workers, but once they assumed their stride they quickly tied the score and then hopped into the lead.

Tommy Maxwell, Bethlehem's inside left, sustained a badly bruised leg early in the game but refused to retire. Maxwell might as well have saved himself for while occasionally he did draw the defense toward him he was of little use to the team. In the final minutes of the session when Bethlehem had the visitors one up, Maxwell limped to the field house and remained there for the balance of the game. The absence of the Bethlehem forward left only ten men to combat the visitors, but at that they proved masters of the occasion. Walter Jackson, the Steel Workers' center forward, was also among the missing with Jack Rattray playing the position on the forward line. Jackson is out with an injured leg, but could possibly have started on Saturday. However, since he seems at his best in cup play the management wisely decided to give him a day of rest and take no chances of aggravating his injury before the semi-final in the National Cup against the Newark F. C> which will be played in the Philadelphia baseball park next Saturday.

Rattray, A. Jackson and Turner featured in the combination play on the forward line and their display of brilliant football was particularly pronounced in the second half of the game. Time and again this trio started passing movements way beyond midfield and carried the ball down to the visitors' goal. The Giants, too, were on their mettle, and while Bethlehem won, it must not be assumed that t hey alone played good football. Bremner, a new center forward, introduced by the Giants, and Gallagher at outside right, the latter a speedy, tricky little player, frequently had the Bethlehem backs guessing. On one occasion the Giants lost a goal when Oellerman came out to clear and the citadel was unprotected. The ball was rolling into the net when one of the visitors' forwards dashed in to speed it on its way and was immediately called up for off side.

On another occasion Moorehouse broke through and with no one in front of him but the goalie to beat, drove a hard, wicked shot that crashed inside the upright and rebounded into the playing field. Then, on several occasions, Oellerman was forced to handle. In the closing minutes of play the Giants made a determined effort to score and some very interesting scrimmages were witnessed close to the Bethlehem goal.

The locals' first point came after the visitors retained the lead for the better part of a half hour. In scrimmage close to the goal Turner headed Alec Jackson and the latter in turn headed the ball into the net far out of the reach of Forrest.

The goal that put Bethlehem into the lead in the session was more or less of a gift on which Rattray made the best of it. Bethlehem was pressing when on a cross shot from Turner, McKinney handled in the penalty area. Rattray took the kick and the tricky veteran completely fooled Forrest, with a peculiar body shift drawing the Giant goalkeeper to one side and then rolled the ball into the opposite corner of the net.

When play was resumed Bethlehem did not have to wait long to increase their total, the third goal being scored within a few minutes after the restart. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- National Giants
Oellerman -- G -- Forrest
Young -- RFB -- Reid
D. Ferguson -- LFB -- McIlwrath
MacGregor -- RHB -- Scott
Carnihan -- CHB -- Fryer
Robertson -- LHB -- McKinney
Turner -- OR -- Gallagher
A. Jackson -- IR -- Cavanaugh
Rattray -- CF -- Bremner
Maxwell -- IL -- Sweeney
Goldie -- OL -- Moorehouse
Goals, A. Jackson, Turner, Rattray (penalty), Bremner. Referee, James Kerr, Philadelphia. Linesmen, Fletcher and Carson. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club